Sunday 9th January 2022

Reading: John 1:35-42


We may not have sent out or received as many invitations over the last two years as we normally do but it is still good and exciting when we get the opportunity to send or receive an invitation to something. If you buy them pre-printed from the shop you choose designs to suit the occasion.

Champagne glasses for a party, bells and ribbons for a wedding, balloons and party poppers for a birthday, and so the choices go on. If you want to be a wee bit more adventurous go on the computer and search for images that suit the reason for the invitation, print the name of those being invited, making the whole thing very professional looking and believing in yourself that you can work your way around computers. It’s a wonderful feeling when you actually convince yourself that you are really quite good with computers until of course that ultimate pride before a fall moment when you realise that you are not really that good at all but passable. On the third Sunday in Advent we looked at the earlier verses of the chapter we are looking at this morning.

We read then of Jesus being the light. We witnessed John the Baptist being quizzed as to who he was. Then we thought about who are we? Following the service this morning I will be on a week’s holiday but when I return we are going to journey further through the Gospel of John. I would encourage you in your own daily reflection time at home to read the gospel and think through

what some of the issues or challenges that we may look at together during our worship time. We have lovely pictures in this morning’s reading, John flanked by his disciples telling them, “See the one who is passing by? He is the one you should be following, because he is the Lamb of God.”

John knows who Jesus is. John knows what Jesus does. Two of John’s disciples don’t hesitate.

They leave John and run after Jesus. They are attracted by what he has told them of Jesus but as yet they don’t know what they are looking for from him. They have a desire to learn. By the end of that day Andrew has a passion for sharing the good news. There was no question left in Andrew’s mind “this is the Messiah, the Anointed of God.” He runs to his brother Simon and brings him to Jesus. The one who was called is now the one calling to others. The one who was first invited now becomes the one inviting others. He becomes the light that leads his brother to the Light of the world. These two, invited by Jesus, “come and see,” were called to be disciples, just as we are called to be disciples individuals to grow into a community of faith. The journey of discovering Jesus has begun. It is the same journey that each and every generation ever since has embarked upon. It is the same journey of discovery that you and I and the church of today continues on. The journey of discovery for ourselves and the journey of discipleship passing on the Good News that others may become part of the community of faith and journey for themselves. I mentioned last week how at the beginning of this New Year it would be good to pause for a moment take time to listen, and to wait, to stay close to Jesus for a while and learn.

The dramatic as well as the quiet. Just as with those first disciples our journey of faith will grow stronger and weaker and stronger again, it may even seem as though it has gone away, but there is always a way open for it to come back. From the River Esk to the River Jordan. From Inveresk Road to the Damascus Road. From the North Sea to the Sea of Galilee the call on the life of faith and service is the same. For, finally, it is a journey for a lifetime, bringing with it joy and to true peace.

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