Sunday 4th July 2021

Some who have small parts in the Bible

Simeon and Anna Luke 2 22-36

Simeon and Anna were part of the faithful remnant among the Jews who were looking and longing for the coming of the Messiah.

Unlike the others, Simeon had received a direct revelation from the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen “The lord’s Christ,” The Messiah.

Luke tells us that Simeon was “Righteous and The Holy Spirit was upon Him”.

The Holy Spirit was resting on Simeon continuously, which was rare.

Clearly, he was a man who lived his life in a manner that was pleasing TO God; who was careful to perform all the religious duties required he was open to God at all times.

So, it was no coincident that Simeon was in the Temple courts on the very day and at the very time that Baby Jesus passed through in the arms of his parents.

Mary and Joseph had brought Him “To Present Him to the Lord”.

And go through the ceremonies prescribed by the law v23 -24.

All those who officiated at these ceremonies involving Jesus were in attendance simply because they happened to be on duty at that time;

But Simeon was present because he had been “moved by the Spirit to be there.”

So, who was Simeon?

In view of the description, it looks like he must have been a Priest, or at least worked in the Temple.

But there is no evidence for this.

Apparently, tradition has it he was 113 years old.

But again, it is not substantiated.

However, it does seem likely he was elderly.

How long he stood watching parents coming and going with their babies we don’t know.

Imagine his excitement when the Holy Spirit directed him to Mary and Joseph.

This was the divine appointment he had been waiting for, for years.

Clearly there must have been something about Simeon that persuaded Mary and Joseph to allow this complete stranger to take their precious Baby off them and hold Him in his arms up high.

On seeing Jesus, Simeon was now happy to die in the knowledge that he had seen the Messiah promised, by God.

After years of waiting, he was holding the baby who had come to bring salvation to the whole world.

The Holy Spirit had opened Simeon’s eyes, this was the promised baby.

Having praised and thanked God for the child.

Simeon then turned his attention to the parents who were still in a state of shock and amazement at his words.

Simeon prophesied that Jesus would have the effect of splitting people into two groups;

 those who were for Him and believed in Him.

And those who were against and rejected Him.

People would not be able to remain neutral about Jesus.

As Simeon was speaking to Mary and Joseph an elderly lady appeared on the scene.

Isn’t God’s timing always perfect!

Her name was Anna, she had been a widowed after seven years of marriage and was very old.

Luke describes her as a Prophetess her devotion to God was shown by the fact that “She never left the Temple but worshiped day and night, fasting and praying.

She too must have been led by the Spirit and brought to this divine appointment.

Her initial reaction on seeing the child was the same as Simeon.

“she gave thanks to God.”

Their praise was inspired by the Holy Spirit and must have sounded good to God.

Notice that Anna didn’t just praise God!

She also made known what God had done.

She clearly recognized the baby as the promised Messiah.

Because she went out of the Temple and spoke about the child to all who were looking and waiting for the coming of The Messiah and what He would do.

And shouldn’t our lives include those same elements; praising God, and telling others what he has done?

After all, how are people going to know about God’s salvation if we don’t tell them?

Simeon and Anna both had divine appointments.

Dare we pray that God give us Divine appointments today with people we can share our faith- – – – -telling them What God has done for us!!!!! In our life.

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