Holy Week – Thursday 1st April 2021 Communion

The Meal

Mark 14; 17 -26

As we heard this afternoon.

This was during the time of Passover, and the disciples questioned where the Lord desired to eat the Passover meal. It was at this meal that Judas slipped away to betray Jesus.

This was a time set aside centuries prior in celebration of God’s mighty hand of provision as the people departed from Egypt.

On that faithful night they were expected to offer a lamb as a sacrifice, putting the blood of the sacrifice on the door posts and lintels, preparing the lamb along with bitter herbs and unleavened bread for their meal.

This was also referred to as “The Feast of Unleavened Bread.”

 I once went to a meal in Abby Church North Berwick where a Passover Meal was as it was in the time of Christ. With all the Herds and Wine and the order it was performed in.

The order of the meal was as follows:

• They drank a cup of red wine mixed with water, Luke 22:17.

• There was a ceremonial washing of hands which symbolized the need for spiritual and moral cleansing.

• They ate the bitter herbs (Lettice Celery) dipped in salt water, which symbolized their bondage in Egypt.

• They drank a second cup of wine, at which time the head of the household explained the meaning of Passover.

•They ate Charoset which is Chopped up nuts Apples and Cinnamon.

• They would then sing the first two of the Hallel Psalms, Psalms 113-114.

• Next, the lamb was brought out, and the head of the household distributed pieces of it with the unleavened bread. The unleavened bread symbolized haste. There was no time to allow the dough to rise before the journey would begin.

There is no record of what the menu at the last supper but there was bread and wine and

It would possibly be here that Jesus would have told them this is my Body and then this is my Blood.

• They drank a third cup of wine.

• Then, they would conclude the meal by singing the rest of the Hallel Psalms, Psalm 115-118. (i)

It would be easy to move on and not discuss the Passover any further, but it would be an injustice not to take a moment and consider the prophecy revealed in the Passover and how this celebration, observed for centuries, pointed to Christ.

We must consider the instruction given in Exodus 12.

The feast involved a lamb, Ex. 12:3-8. Notice that Ex. 12:3 called for Israel to choose “a lamb”.

This could have been any lamb at all.

Then, it is called “the lamb” in verse 4.

This refers to the particular lamb that was chosen for the meal.

Then, it is called “your lamb” in verse 5. This makes the meal very personal.

They were to select the lamb on the “tenth day of the month”, Ex. 12:3, and they were to keep the lamb until the “fourteenth day” of the month, Ex. 12:6.

There would be an attachment that would develop between the family and the little lamb.

This was intentional, God wanted them to see the high cost of sin. He wanted them to understand that salvation is an intensely personal business.

 It was on that night that our Lord Jesus gave us a new meaning to the supper, And it was on this night that Judas went from the meal to betray Jesus! (ii) Our Lord is not just a lamb; He is the Lamb!

He alone secured our salvation!

In order to be saved by grace and reconciled to God, Jesus Christ must be our Lamb.

One must know Him in a personal way in order to be saved. We must repent of sin and receive Him as the sole means of salvation!

Exodus 12:5a – Your lamb shall be without blemish.

The Hebrews were instructed to carefully select their lamb for sacrifice.

Any ordinary lamb would not be sufficient.

This lamb had to be without blemish.

 God demanded a perfect sacrifice in order for His judgment to pass-over them.

In order for our sin to be atoned, there had to be a perfect sacrifice.

God alone was able to provide such a sacrifice.

 Our Lord Jesus came to this earth, God robed in flesh, offering Himself the perfect sacrifice for our sin!

And here we are tonight remembering that this was the last Supper that Jesus Christ had on earth, He suffered the cruelty of the cross and gave his Life for Us!!!!  


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