A Message from our Minister: Rev Malcolm Lyon

We are now all well aware of the immediate impact Coronavirus is having on our daily lives.

I met with our Session Clerk Mrs Maureen Talac and we had a very full and lengthy discussion on where we are and where do we think we need to be.

The first step for me as your minister is to write the following letter.

Please be aware you are all very much in my prayers and it is right and proper those who are in the most vulnerable category receive the highest priority of care but please be reassured all of us are precious to God and all of us are cared for and loved by Him without limit nor end.

I have urged all District Elders to keep in contact with the members of their district.

This contact should not be a physical contact but rather utilising emails or telephones or even social media pages.

Can I also inform you that a team of people have volunteered to offer practical help to those in need.

This help will not involve any extra personal contact but if and when required it, I hope, will help to alleviate any fears our people may be experiencing.

This help will not be driven solely on an age basis but rather on a needs basis as young and old will be affected as the weeks roll on.

If there is a need please contact your district elder, who in turn will contact either Maureen or myself, then we in turn can implement help if it is at all possible.

Can I reassure you that you may know you are neither forgotten nor alone in this.

As ever safeguarding is a major priority in our reaching out and we must remember many of the people we may be called upon to help will fall into the vulnerable people category and their well being, from every aspect, is of paramount importance.

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