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Sunday 15th May 2022

Reading: 1John 2:1-14 Reflection ‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you’, words from the song in the musical ‘The King and I’. The story of how the governess and the King of Siam get to know one another. John’s writings, be it the gospel or his letters, is centred exactly around that …

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Sunday 8th May 2022

Introduction to John’s letters We spent a few months journeying through the Gospel of John so I thought it might be good for us to continue on by reading the three letters that he wrote and are contained within our scriptures. In his gospel John was dealing with the intellectual, non-believing, Greek world of his …

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Sunday 24th April 2022

Reading: John 21:15-23 A short reflection 3+3=FREE The disciple John has shared so many moving moments with Jesus. Some of the most private thinking and emotion has been shared in the gospel narrative. He was blessed to be with the others on the mountain of transfiguration in that moment the revelation of the Messianic Jesus …

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