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Sunday 6th June 2021

Reading: 2Peter 1:12-21 Reflection Peter opened his letter by speaking about the dangers that can possibly lie within the church itself. He writes to the church encouraging it to be knowledgeable about Christ and have true knowledge of the scriptures. You may remember towards the end of my sermon last week I Quoted verse twelve …

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Sunday 30th May 2021

Reading: 2Peter 1:1-10 Reflection Last week we took a break from the writings of Peter. We had come to the end of his first letter the week before and we celebrated Pentecost last week and even in amongst all of that Peter played was a central character. This morning and over the next few weeks …

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Sunday 23rd May 2021

Reading: Acts2:1-21 Reflection: Is Holly Holy? Let me explain why I have called this reflection, ‘Is Holly Holy?’. In a previous charge one of the primary schools I used to visit wanted to sponsor a cow in a country where people had less than them. This they did and in promoting their adoption of the …

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Sunday 16th May 2021

Introduction Some words from the service of ordination of elders in the Church of Scotland. ‘There are different gifts, but it is the same Spirit who gives them. There are different ways of serving God, but it is the same Lord who is served. God works through different people in different ways, but it is …

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