Our Appeal


The fabric of St Michael’s church is currently in a very poor state of repair.

This needs addressing before any more damage is created through these weaknesses, for example water entering into the stonework. Time has not been kind to our fabulous stained glass with their own weight damaging the lead that joins the individual pieces of glass together.

These repairs are over and above the normal level of maintenance of the church.

What are we doing about the problems ?
The Kirk session has formed a subcommittee to oversee this extraordinary work.

The committee is tasked with selecting and appointing the relevant experts, applying for grants and funding, and for overseeing the community fundraising, including this appeal.

The experts have already identified problems with the north and west walls, the roof and the stained glass. The best way to address these problems is being determined but will require sizeable work from architects and specialist contractors given the significant and historic status of the church.

Estimated Project Size
The subcommittee working with specialist architects and quantity surveyors has determined that the likely cost and timescale for the project will be:

2 years to complete
(allowing for weather)

Why we need your help
Quite simply, this project is over and above the normal spending capabilities of St Michael’s.

We hope to raise the vast majority of funding through grants. However, for these to succeed, the community needs to demonstrate their commitment, including raising a portion of the funds. The current estimate is that we will need to raise:

over the next 12 months